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A life of Literature

The Brighton sisters with a passion for storytelling.

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We're Elodie and Mireille, sisters from Brighton - and A Life of Literature is about all the things we love - books, reading, film and music. We love a good romance novel and what we value most is authenticity in stories. We’re always drawn to books that celebrate diversity. We want to share our passion for storytelling and creativity - encouraging you all to pick up a book, listen to music, watch a film and be moved and entertained by the wonderful world of imagination and stories. We've just partnered with Bindery, working with them to create a book-loving community and publish books under our own imprint.

My Story


I am the older sister, and in my spare time you’ll find me songwriting and working on my music, creating videos for YouTube, or of course, with my head stuck in a book.

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My Story
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Meet Elodie

I’m the younger sister - and definitely the messier of the two of us!  When I'm not at school or reading, I like hanging out with my friends, in town. We're lucky to live in Brighton by the sea.  I love going to gigs and concerts - we’ve both been going with our Dad to festivals since we were really young! 

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